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The role of infant observation principles in assessing & encouraging 'good enough' parenting
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  • While working with families with infants and young children there is a wealth of information available to the practitioner that facilitates purposeful observation to make sense of the range of parent/carer – child interactions. This 2 day workshop has been developed to share information gained during a study fellowship to the Tavistock and Portman Clinic in North London, the home of attachment theory and purposeful infant observation. For those who work with children that have suffered trauma, abuse and neglect, benchmarks of ‘normal’ child development can become unclear due to continuous exposure to families with vulnerabilities and challenges. This workshop allows participants to consider how they ‘return their baselines to the norm’, outlining and demonstrating some techniques based on purposeful infant observation and empathic attunement to young children and infants. It also aims to give those working with children and families tools for their work with parents / carers to encourage attunement through observation while taking account of research in the fields of resilience, early brain development and trauma more generally. This will be linked with consideration of ‘good enough’ vs optimal parenting and the importance of caregiver warmth, attentiveness and attunement.

    Use observational skills to enable a more informed assessment of parent - infant relationships, linking observation with theory and research. Practice use of more detailed observation as a tool for understanding infants’ behaviour, and what it tells us about intervention plans. Increase skills in the assessment of parenting, with particular reference to the emotional quality of the parent-infant interaction. Apply therapeutic ideas, early intervention strategies and resilience findings to their current work context. Integrate infant observation into their work.


    NSW Health participants $80 / Interagency workers (government & non-government) $140 / Private practitioners & interstate participants $200